3 Toed Box Turtle


Tortoise Town has some absolutely stunning captive bred 3 toed box turtles for sale at the best prices anywhere for this quality of animal. We offer our 3 toed box turtle for sale at the following age groups: 3 toe box turtle hatchlings for sale, well started baby 3 toed box turtles (recommended over the more fragile hatchlings) as well as yearling, juvenile and sometimes young adult 3 toe box turtles for sale.

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Box turtles are some of the most popular species of turtles for sale in the world. Box turtles are mostly found in North America and include the 3 toed, Eastern Western or Ornate box turtle for sale, as well as the Eastern box turtle for sale and a few other species. Also, Asian sub species exist including both Asian box turtles and Chinese box turtle for sale. Baby box turtles for sale can be found throughout the year, but easier during the warm summer months.

3 toe box turtles for sale are some of the most colorful of all the box turtle families. Baby box turtles all do look similar, however they quickly start to look like their older counterparts as they mature. Certain states do not permit owning native box turtle species, so sometimes you will need to buy a box turtle for sale that is not native to your area. When considering any turtle or tortoise for sale, doing your homework and researching care ahead of time is key to successfully keeping them.

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