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Elongated tortoises for sale are a medium-sized species of tortoise for sale from the testudo family.  This family of tortoises includes the baby Hermann’s tortoise, baby Russian tortoise, Greek tortoise and Egyptian tortoise for sale.  Baby Elongated tortoise care is fairly simple and explained in more detail below.  If you are asking yourself, how to care for an Elongated tortoise? Or, How do I set up a Marginated tortoise habitat? You are in luck, as we answer all those questions and more, concerning your new Elongated tortoise care, below.

Elongated tortoise humidity

Elongated tortoise humidity usually hovers around 75-85% for Elongated tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Adult Elongated tortoises typically enjoy a humid period in the morning to simulate morning fog or dew.

Elongated tortoise for sale – substrate

Substrate for your new baby Elongated tortoise can be as easy as organic potting mix, with a thin layer of oyster shell on top.  Elongateds, as they grow, can eat the oyster shell and it has been found to be helpful in egg-laying females calcium retention.  Also, try using paper towels can be used for the Elongated tortoise hatchling for sale, as they are cheap and easy to clean up.

Baby Elongated tortoise for sale – diet

Tortoise Town fees a variety of fresh leafy greens and healthy veggies to all of our adult and baby tortoise for sale.   A combination, that is chopped and mixed as final preparation should include 4-6 different greens and veggies and be varied.  Our baby elongated tortoise enjoy collard greens, mustard greens, beet greens as well as romaine, squash, shredded carrots is great.  In addition, we include tomato once per week and soaked and soft mazuri tortoise chow.  Because we toss our Mazuri with the greens and make a nice fresh mixture.  Your baby Elongated tortoise for sale will eat the same as your adults’ torts, just less.

Elongated tortoise and calcium and vitamin supplements

Providing a light dusting of a 50/50 mix of a reptile vitamin and calcium with d3 is important.  Lightly dust or sprinkle on top of the fresh food twice a week.  Providing proper UVB exposure is also very important in calcium metabolization.  Turtle store uses reptical and reptivite mixtures.  Using a combination of a reptile vitamin and reptile calcium with D3 is key. Dust your tortoises’ food twice a week by lightly sprinkling the mixture atop their fresh greens.  Be sure to pick up the right food, before receiving your new Elongated tortoise for sale.

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