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We have some gorgeous halloween crested geckos for sale. Our captive bred halloween crested geckos for sale are hand raised and as tame and sweet as they are beautiful and past the fragile hatchling stages.

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Halloween crested gecko  Their skin is soft and velvety to the touch. As stated earlier, the Halloween crested gecko is a morph. This means that they are a sub-species of the crested gecko that has an unusual color pattern. The most defining feature is their orange and black stripes, as well as their white eyelids.

The crested gecko has hair-like projections found above the eyes, resembling eyelashes. It has a wedge-shaped head and a crest that runs from each eye to the tail. Crested geckos do not have eyelids and so they use their long tongues to moisten their eyes and remove debris.
Crested geckos have been nicknamed the “eyelash” gecko due to the ridges that run along the top of their eyes. A prehensile tail allows them to grab onto vines and branches. No two look alike. Their color and pattern morphs are varied, giving them distinctively unique appearances.

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