Hybrid South African Leopard Tortoise


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These AMAZING hybrids are 75% Giant South African Leopard, 25% Pardalis Babcocki East African leopard tortoise.  (One of their parents is 50% Regular East African Leopard, 50% Giant South African leopard, and the other parent is 100% Pardalis Pardalis Giant South African).

We have been selling out of these awesome hybrid giants almost as fast as they hatch!  We have some beautiful, active and healthy captive bred hybrid baby giant south African leopard tortoise for sale.  We do recommend the  well started hybrid giant leopard tortoise babies (available here) over the fragile fresh hatchlings for those with less experience as they’re even more active and easier to care for then the hatchling stage. (Pardalis Pardalis) The South African Giant Leopard Tortoise, Pardalis pardalis is a rarely seen, very large growing sub species of the common Leopard Tortoise (pardalis babcocki) from the extreme southern portion of the Leopard Tortoise range into Namibia and South Africa. The“giant”of the leopard tortoise, reaching lengths of 14-22 inches on average at 40-65lbs, Giant South African Leopard Tortoises are easily distinguished by their telltale spotting in the center of their shell, having “double or triple dots” rather than single or no dots like a standard leopard tortoise (pardalis babcocki).

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