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We have some beautiful captive baby african pancake tortoise for sale available.  These little guys and gals are eating very well and are as active as their colors are vibrant.  African pancake tortoises make fantastic pet tortoises for young and old alike.  They are easy to care for and great for beginners as well as experienced tortoise keepers.  When purchasing a african pancake tortoise for sale or any tortoise for sale it is imperative that you choose an experienced pancake tortoise breeder or keeper selling healthy animals.  Baby african pancake tortoises for sale are top quality and as healthy as they are beautiful.  We pride ourselves on selling only top notch tortoises, ready to ship to you via FedEx Overnight in an insulated box with heat or cold packs as needed and come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  One shipping charge covers up to 3 tortoises.

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