Sri Lankan Star Tortoise


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These beautiful captive bred Sri Lankan Star Tortoise hatchlings are eating like champs.  The Sri Lankan star is a beautiful addition to anyone’s exotic tortoise collection.  Bigger than the Indian Star, Smaller then the Burmese, the Sri Lankan is a gorgeous tortoise, and brightens up anyones collection.  Our Sri Lankan Star hatchlings have fantastic bright yellow body, head and shell highlights contrasted over deep brown/blacks, approximately 1.25-1.5 inches.  When choosing a Sri Lankan Star baby tortoise for sale, please make sure you are buying from an experienced tortoise breeder and keeper! We guarantee to have the highest quality baby Sri Lankan Star tortoises for sale.  We pride ourselves on selling only top notch tortoises, ready to ship to you via UPS/FedEx Overnight.  One shipping charge covers up to 3 tortoises.

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