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We have some beautiful baby Tuscany Locale Western Hermann’s (Testudo hermanni hermanni) Tortoises for sale.  These little hatchlings are super active, vibrantly colored baby tortoises.  Aprox 2.25-2.5″ in size.  These Western Hermann’s tortoises are from the Tuscany locale, originated from the Tuscany area of Italy, and therefore called “Tuscan Locale”.  The Tuscan locale has beautiful bright yellowish green and dark black pattern, making them some of our favorite hermann’s tortoises for sale.  Western Hermann’s are known for being more colorful of the 2 species of Hermann’s tortoise and stay much smaller, only growing 4.5-6″ at full maturity making them absolutely fantastic  tortoises.  The Western Hermann’s tortoise care sheet will provide you a great amount of data regarding the ease of caring for these great tortoises.  Western Hermann’s tortoises make great family members and get along well with other tortoises and most respectful other pets.  See the Western Hermann’s tortoise on the left side of the photo compared to the eastern, which is larger, and less colorful on the right.  When purchasing a Western Hermann’s baby tortoise it is imperative that you buy from an experienced tortoise breeder and keeper.  With a biologist ON SITE, our Western Hermann’s Tortoises are top notch and ready to ship to you via FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled insulated shipping containers and come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  One shipping charge covers up to 4 tortoises.

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Tuscan Western Hermann’s Tuscan Western Hermann’s tortoises are very vibrant in color

Western Hermann’s are known for being more colorful of the 2 species of Hermann’s tortoise and stay much smaller, only growing 5″-8″ at full maturity making them absolutely fantastic pet tortoises.

Appearance and Behavior. Hermann’s tortoises have yellow, brown, or orange shells with striking black markings. It’s difficult to tell the eastern Hermann’s tortoise apart from the western Hermann’s tortoise. However, the western subspecies have a slightly higher domed shell.
Typically, the western Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni hermanni) is smaller and vividly colored. In addition, genetically pure western Hermann’s tortoises are very rare these days. The eastern Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni boettgeri) is usually larger and is marked by less defined contrast.
Adults usually range from 13-20 cm (5-8 in). Adults of the western subspecies, Testudo hermanni boettgeri, may reach up to 28 cm (11 in) in length, weighing 3-4 kg (7-9 lb). Sexual dimorphism is moderate, with females on average 12% larger than males.

Hermann’s Tortoise General Info

The Hermann’s Tortoise is a popular breed that makes a great pet. These animals have wonderful personalities and they can develop a bond with their owners.

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